Friday March 27
19.30 – 22.00

AcuYin Workshop

Yoga Moves,
Sint Janshovenstraat







Want to try something different? Join this special workshop and explore the effects of a healing combination: Acupressure & Yin yoga = AcuYin.

AcuYin focuses on encouraging the chi/energy through the pathways in the body: the meridians. When we use Acupressure and Yin together we
enhance their effect. Both techniques from Traditional Chinese Medicine aim to improve and rebalanceenergy circulation.

The acupressure points will be easy to locate for everyone. You will apply gentle pressure to acu-points on the body, followed by a yin
sequence to marinate in the stimulated chi flow. This approach generates a sense of well being. Moreover: its self healing capacities are easy to apply at home!

Marjon will share theory and tips on acupressure. This workshop is suitable for all levels.

Price: €39 Infinity/U Pas/Student €30 – Sign up soon

Questions? Want to sign up? Drop me a line:

Medical disclaimer: This workshop does not substitute medical treatments and is meant as a means of relaxation and self care.

Saturday September 26


Yoga Moves,
Sint Janshovenstraat


How about getting off the hormonal rollercoaster for a change? As women we are dealing with the effects of our hormones in different phases of our life. From puberty to menopause – hormones are there to stay.

PMS, moodswings, hot flashes, PCOS, fertility issues, weight gain, night sweats, abdominal cramps, loss of libido, stiff joints… just a few issues women have to deal with. Wouldn’t it be pleasant to feel less affected by the imbalances of your hormonal system?

This Hormone Balance Day focusses on how to tame the hormonal waves in the body and mind. Marjon will teach you specific poses, self care tips and tools how to.

Learn how your hormonal system works, to recognize symptomps of estrogen dominance and hormonal shifts influencing your health and mood. You will receive both yoga and life style tips and tricks how to balance hormones out of kilter.

Women of all ages are welcome to join this fun and informative day workshop. Don’t forget to bring your note book for some recipes and..keep room for an aphrodisiac shake 😉 !

Price: €79|Infinity/U Pas/Student €70 – Sign up here

Questions? Want to sign up? Drop me a line: